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Meet Our Mascot... LeW-De!

Welcome to Code Success and also welcome to our new mascot LeW-De (pronounced loo d). LeW-De is our online Artificial Intelligence service that will help you with your online education and recommend new courses that can help further your career. Give him time though, he's a newbie to this world.

Why LeW-De? LeW-De is an amalgamation of three words... Learning (Le) Web (W) Design (De). Geeky, we know, but we love this little guy and you will too! He is here to help wherever he can and will be constantly learning new skills to better our service.

LeW-De is the start of a new online business that aims to revolutionise how you learn, how you qualify and how you find your first job in the industry. Our team of experts are constantly building and revolutionising how you learn and, how you find that new job!

We want you to succeed! We want you to have an education that means something. We want you to proud of the journey you have taken to change your life, for the better!

Take advantage of our 15+ years experience in high quality Professional Web Development

We have top professional Web Developers ready to help you start on the track to start a new career in Web/Software Development.

Take advantage of our expertise and be job ready when you qualify.

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Finding your own space and utilise better learning options can result in
faster than the traditional ways. Enjoy the beauty of eLearning!

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Learning top skills can bring an extra-ordinary outcome in a career.

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Everyone prefers to enjoy learning at their own pace & that gives a great result.

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We are delighted to give you options to enjoy learning from anywhere, on any device!