Published 11 October 2021 /

What Makes A Shit Web Developer in 2021

Eddie Lewis

By Eddie Lewis

Confusing development bad

There are so many articles around the web that glorify the key features of being a good web developer. Sure, there are plenty of these around, and it’s pretty obvious how to tell if someone is a decent web developer. But what about the qualities of a shitty web developer? There are not many resources online that will list out the qualities of a garbage developer. Whether you’re wanting to become a developer or you’re looking into hiring one, it’s best to have a general idea of who exactly a shit web developer is, so you know to avoid those asses at all costs so your time and money won’t go to waste.

They’re complete assholes

If someone you’re looking into hiring is just a flat-out dick, why would you even hire them? Well regardless, you should look out for anybody that has a nasty attitude as they’re probably going to put minimal effort in and then justify their lack of work. Just, in general, if someone is being rude don’t even bother talking any further with them, they’re not worth it and there are plenty of friendly and professional web developers out there that are going to be far more tolerable.

They have no understanding of SEO

Anybody who has a website must know the importance of SEO. If this supposed garbage web developer knows next to nothing about SEO you best get your ass out of there as that’s a definite red flag. Web developers must have a solid understanding of SEO, especially if you’re hiring them to optimize your website.

They make excuses

The life of a dev is not all about making shitty-ass developer excuses. Sure, every once in a while it’s fine to have an excuse or two. But if they’re rolling out excuses weekly, why haven’t you let them go yet? They’re clearly shit. Whether you’re wanting to become a programmer or become anything for that matter, never make constant excuses as this is going to make you look so bad.

They forget what you want

My first question would be “how did you forget?” but my next question would be “did you provide them a brief with what you’re wanting?”. While there are two sides of the coin for this situation, if the web developer is just often forgetful it just shows how unprofessional they are and the headache isn’t worth it.

They won’t show their portfolio

Never under any circumstances hire a web developer if they have no portfolio or are even refusing to give out their portfolio to show. Chances are, they’re just trying to scam you. Even recent college grads have a portfolio, so there really aren’t any excuses.

The web developer won’t give you feedback on the project

This can definitely be a red flag because they should regularly keep you updated with the project and ask you questions. So be on your guard if they’re just not keeping in contact with you at all. This can also include not getting an adequate breakdown of the work that’s been done.