Published 6 October 2021 /

Why You Should Learn To Code

Eddie Lewis

By Eddie Lewis

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Coding is one of those areas that are in high demand, but it can feel like it's an alien world to those who didn't grow up with any sort of computer skills. But, whether you've considered dipping your toe into this exciting career choice or just want to know the benefits of coding, there are many. Here are some great reasons why everybody should learn coding, some practical, some personal.

Coding Can Boost Problem-Solving Skills

Coding looks great on a CV, and coding actually will help you to boost skills that are applicable to several jobs. Learning to code is almost like providing a workout for the left side of your brain. And contrary to popular belief, it's something that can be learnt by almost anyone. Think of it like learning a new language; once you get the foundations in place, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Coding Can Lead to Lucrative Job Opportunities

You don't have to look far to see that everything around us is created by coding. From your social media stream to the game that you are playing at the bus stop, all of this was created by coding. And therefore, there are a lot of demands for people with coding skills. Therefore, with coding comes power. In the web development industry, many people do not choose to go and work for a company but would rather go and develop their freelance career in coding. Therefore, working at your own pace means you can earn more than your contemporaries in the retail industry or the private sector, all while working fewer hours. And when you gain more experience, you can charge more, and you can say no to job offers, so you have more freedom.

It Gives You the Opportunity to Pursue Your Passion Projects

Many businesses need web developers to fine-tune their website, and having coding as a skill in your back pocket means that if you've got a million ideas and you want to get started on everything, you don't need to look far for a coder because you can make alterations to your website as you see fit.

It Will Never Become a Redundant Skill

As technology evolves, there need to be people that power it. Coding is not a skill that can be learnt by robots, and therefore, it's something that many people are realising is a fundamental skill that will not make them an expendable commodity. In the working world, many people are concerned that their roles will become redundant with the rise of automation. Therefore, it is a very savvy career move. You should learn to code because it is a flexible way to carve out a new career for yourself, and can be done from the comfort of your own home around other commitments.

If you are looking for a new career path, one that is lucrative gives you more freedom and is not going out of fashion, coding is the defining skill of the modern world and learning how to code could make a significant difference to your life.